Tech Library: Asyst Spartan EFEM

Asyst Spartan EFEM

Asyst technologies, Inc. provides automation solutions optimized for the needs of global customers in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and related industries. To continue a leadership role in machine design around the goal of optimum productivity, Asyst did a comprehensive customer and marketing assessment of how the next generation equipment front-end module, or 'EFEM' should perform. Asyst engineers literally started the design process with a blank sheet of paper, and the Spartan™ EFEM was born.

The Spartan EFEM project was to produce the most robust and flexible tool of its kind with a dual role as a general purpose wafer sorter as well. For the critical controls portion of the Spartan EFEM System, Asyst chose SynqNet® technology to ensure that the motion requirements would not only exceed tight performance specification, but offer a clear upgrade path for future innovation. The outcome was a revolutionary tool with highly sophisticated robot control that's changing the market for semiconductor EFEM requirements.

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