SynqNet Technology Overview  

SynqNet — The Industry's Most Flexible Motion Control Network

Launched in 2001, SynqNet is a digital machine control network specifically designed to meet the flexibility, performance, and safety requirements of today’s demanding machine control applications.

Built on a 100BT physical layer, SynqNet provides a synchronous real-time connection between motion controllers, servo drives, stepper drives, I/O modules, and custom devices.

SynqNet is a high performance network technology designed to simplify machine development and lower the cost of in-field support and upgrade.

SynqNet continues to be the fastest interoperable motion and I/O network available on the market today. As of September 2008, SynqNet networks control over 400,000 axes of motion on a variety of high performance motion applications worldwide.

Key Features of SynqNet

  • Network bandwidth for servo updates up to 48 kHz
  • Supports up to 64 nodes with 64 axes
  • Over 16,000 bits of digital I/O and 1,000 points of analog I/O
  • Real-time diagnostics over SynqNet
  • "Self-healing" fault tolerant operation using ring topology
  • HotReplace™ feature allows the replacement of nodes without shutting down the network.
  • Remote diagnostics of motor drive performance
  • Remote drive configuration and setup
  • Remote upgrade of drive firmware features
  • Support for multiple feedback, dual-loop servo control, compensation tables
  • Automatic network configuration and integrity check
  • Cabling over 100 meters between each node
  • Electrical isolation for robust noise immunity
  • Open, field-proven silicon (100baseT physical layer)
  • Choice of motor/drive vendors
  • Centralized software and control with distributed hardware
  • Cost effective design


SynqNet Technology Overview Brochure  


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