Products: Danaher Motion SynqNet Test Stand

The Danaher Motion SynqNet Test Stand was designed to showcase the simplified wiring and quick setup of a SynqNet system. The preassembled test stand features an S200 drive, a Slice I/O adapter with 4 Slice modules, and an AKM motor.

Simply connect an eXMP-SynqNet motion controller to the S200 Drive with a SynqNet cable (included) and connect the S200 Drive to the Slice I/O adapter with the other SynqNet cable. Once you load the MPI software you'll be ready to start spinning the motor and testing the 3 digital inputs and 1 analog input in just a few minutes.

Order a Danaher Motion SynqNet Test Stand today and see for yourself how easy it is to use a SynqNet system.

US Customers
PN: D001-0005 (110 VAC input)

European Customers
PN: D001-0006 (220 VAC input)

For more information about ordering a SynqNet Test Stand, please contact Danaher Motion.



Additional components that are required but not included:
An eXMP-SynqNet controller and the Motion Developer's Kit (MDK) software can be ordered separately from Danaher Motion.

Danaher Motion Test Stand

  • Danaher Motion S200 AC Drive
    (DC and 230 VAC versions of the S200 are also available upon request)
  • Slice I/O Network Adapter
  • 3 Digital Input slices
  • 1 Analog Input slice
  • AKM motor
  • AC power cable
  • 2 Ethernet/SynqNet cables (10 ft)
  • Built-in switches for I/O
  • Quick Start Guide