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Omega-SynqNet Digital PWM Servo Amplifiers


Glentek’s Omega-SynqNet™ Digital PWM Servo Amplifiers offer the latest in DSP control of rotary and linear, brush and brushless, servo motors combined with the power and flexibility of the SynqNet™ Network. The Omega-SynqNet™ amplifiers feature one of the industry’s highest PWM update rates (24kHz) for superior bandwidth and are designed for high performance OEM applications. These amplifiers are available in a variety of power ranges and can be configured to operate from 24-370 VDC or directly from 110-130 VAC or 208-240 VAC main lines. They accept a wide range of incremental encoder inputs including inexpensive, low-resolution encoders, reduced wire encoders, and fine-pitch linear scales and all models include dedicated optically isolated I/O (limits, enable, home and fault), general purpose controller configured optically isolated I/O, and high speed, general purpose, differential receivers and transmitters for use as input captures and output compares. Initial configuration and tuning can be performed through an RS232 port using Glentek’s Windows™ based MotionMaestro™ software or directly by the SynqNet™ controller. These amplifiers include extensive fault detection with associated 7-segment display diagnostics.

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