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ADVANCED Motion Controls designs, manufactures, and supplies the highest performance servo drives and servo amplifiers available. From readily available servo drives to complete custom servo solutions, ADVANCED Motion Controls provides brushed and brushless motor drives from general servo automation to specific robot control. Our newest DigiFlex® Performance™ digital motion control servos includes positioning drive features as a more complete servo motor drive for AC and DC brushless servo motors, DC brush type servo motor, linear and rotary servo motors, AC closed loop vector motors, voice coils, inductive loads and actuators for precise motion control. Network connections for either centralized or distributed servo systems are incorporated, including full SynqNet support.  

ADVANCED Motion Controls is headquartered in Camarillo, CA with a European subsidiary in Budapest, Hungary. An international network of agents and distributors are available and specialize in the implementation of motion control and automation systems.  All products are manufactured in their 86,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Camarillo, where their quest for excellence has been rewarded with ISO9001 certification.

The DigiFlex® Performance™ series of products support new applications using MPI 03.04.06 or greater. For further technical support please visit the AMC DPQ Series drives section.

For previous MPI release support on AC powered drives, see the DQ-NAC Series drives.
For previous MPI release support on DC powered drives, see the DQ-BDC Series drives.


20-80 VDC Input Supply
DPQNNIE-020B080 Datasheet pdf
DPQNNIE-040B080 Datasheet pdf

40-190 VDC Input Supply
DPQNNIE-015B200 Datasheet pdf
DPQNNIE-025B200 Datasheet pdf

45-265 VAC, 1Φ/3Φ (or 60-370 VDC) Input Supply
DPQNNIE-015A400 Datasheet pdf
DPQNNIE-030A400 Datasheet pdf
DPQNNIE-060A400 Datasheet pdf
DPQNNIE-100A400 Datasheet pdf

155-525 VAC, 3Φ (or 220-750 VDC) Input Supply
DPQNNIE-020A800 Datasheet pdf
DPQNNIE-030A800 Datasheet pdf
DPQNNIE-060A800 Datasheet pdf

Primary feedback indicated is incremental encoder device support. Additional feedback options include: Resolver, 1Vp-p sin-cos w/ Halls, Absolute (i.e. EnDat and Hiperface). Contact AMC for a datasheet that meets your specific requirements.

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