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MechaWare™ Bridges Gap between Mechanical & Control Software Design Speeding Innovation Cycle for OEM Machine Builders

June 9, 2008        Download pdf

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., —Danaher Motion, the global leader in electromagnetic and mechanical motion control solutions, introduces “MechaWare” 3.0 ­— the industry’s only mechatronic toolkit that seamlessly integrates mechanical systems and control software design resulting in faster design cycles, superior motion system performance, and faster time to market. 

Designed as a special purpose “toolkit” for motion system design, MechaWare enables software and mechanical engineers to work together to design, test and modify custom motion algorithms in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. MechaWare 3.0 includes comprehensive capture, logging and visualization tools that allow mechanical, I/O and software data to be integrated into one measurement environment making interpretation and optimization of machine performance a breeze.
“What previously took months of development time and often had to be outsourced to specialist consultants, at a cost of 10’s of thousands of dollars , can now be achieved internally, often in just hours,” says Dr. Robert Steele, Chief Technical Officer, Danaher Motion, Performance Controls Group.

Equipped with a library of standard function blocks that reduce the need for specialized knowledge of control theory, MechaWare delivers a streamlined workflow between control model development and real-time machine testing, with simple integration to 3rd party tools such as MatLab and Simulink, direct download of run-time code, and test and measurement of real-time machine performance.  MechaWare libraries also enable machine designers to take advantage of emerging accelerometer feedback devices allowing mechanisms to be designed with reduced weight and stiffness, resulting in lighter, faster, smaller and more precise machines.  “With MechaWare, mechanical and software engineers now have the ability to merge their expertise seamlessly to produce superior machines quickly and much less expensively,” states Bill West, Director of Performance Controls Engineering, Danaher Motion.  “Users can now iterate their designs faster, while taking advantage of other advanced tools and technologies­­ — all of which leads to more innovate and successful machine designs.”

About Danaher Motion
For over 60 years, Danaher Motions innovative technologies have been revolutionizing the motion control industry through trusted brand names such as MEI, Kollmorgen, Thomson, Dover and Portescap.  As the industry’s leading global manufacturer of electromagnetic and mechanical motion control solutions, Danaher Motion products help OEM’s build a better machine, faster in industries such as aviation, medical, robotics, semiconductor, electric vehicles and packaging. 

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