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Danaher Motion Performance Controls (MEI) Announces Release of Highly Anticipated MPI 4.0 C/C++ Motion Software

Object-oriented C/C++ programming library provides robust and flexible foundation for high performance motion control

October 1, 2008        Download pdf

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., October 01, 2008 ­— Danaher Motion (MEI) today announced the release of its highly anticipated Version 4.0 of the Motion Programming Interface (“MPI”), the lowest-latency, most flexible C/C++ programmable motion control library on the market.  The MPI turns any standard Microsoft Windows XP computer into a real-time, high-performance motion and I/O robotic controller with the power, scalability and accessibility of an Intel-based computer.

New to the MPI 4.0 are enhanced 64 bit features that enable Controls engineers to apply “sub-sampling” by concentrating control performance on critical motors to reduce settling time.  The MPI 4.0 also delivers true 64-bit trajectory and filter calculations to achieve more precise, smooth control of high resolution motors.  Additionally, MPI 4.0 provides enhancements to the motion object structure, event management, data collection and on-line documentation to speed machine software development. MPI 4.0 can simultaneously command, control and fully synchronize up to 64 devices such as motor amplifiers and I/O from a variety of top servo manufacturers. 

“We are excited to present the MPI 4.0 to C/C++ motion programmers who demand a library that not provides world-class system control, but also tightly integrates with industry-leading programming and debugging tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.  Additionally, the MPI works well with real-time operating systems such as Wind River’s VxWorks, Ardence’s RTX, and TenAsys’ INtime”, says Dusty Schafer, Manager, Software Engineering.  “The MPI, in combination with these industry-leading software packages and our powerful Motion Console/Motion Scope optimization tools, provides a familiar, flexible and open programming suite that helps OEM’s build a better machine, faster,” he continues.
The MPI object-oriented C/C++ motion programming library has found quick adoption in robotics, pick & place, scanning, cutting, polishing, medical and material handling systems.  Engineers customize application code in the PC environment for an exact-fit match to application requirements without the learning curve of 3rd party languages.  Engineers also leverage MPI advanced techniques such as on-the-fly motion modifications, synchronization of multiple axes, event triggers and much more to maximize process throughput and quality.

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