Tech Library: BlueShift Technologies

BlueShift™ Technologies has introduced a game changer to the vacuum automation playing field. The QuickLink, with its innovative linear and linkable architecture, provides OEMs a competitive advantage against the conventional radial systems. The BlueShift advantage focuses on configurability allowing OEMs a common vacuum platform across tool generations as well as across process applications.

One of the greatest challenges in developing BlueShift’s QuickLink wafer handling system was designing a motion control system that could meet demanding requirements for expandability, resolution, stiffness and reliability at a competitive price. “We tried a motion control card using Firewire A, but could not make it work on more than one axis at a time,” said Chris Kiley, Vice President of Engineering for BlueShift Technologies. “A systems integrator suggested Danaher Motion’s XMP SynqNet® series motion controllers. We discovered that we could add up to 32 axes of motion simply by plugging them in. The XMP motion controller quality levels helped us exceed our competition in reliability by a factor of four. It meets our demanding repeatability and speed requirements with ease.”

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