SynqNet Developers Kit

SynqNet technology can be easily integrated into a slave device using the SynqNet Developers Kit. Support is provided for servo and stepper drives, I/O and feedback devices, in single and multiple axis configurations. Developing integrated SynqNet products provides a cost effective and space efficient way to benefit from SynqNet's unique features.




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The SynqNet Developers Kit includes:

SynqNet Slave Reference Designs
Serial & parallel uP interface, serial DAC command, I/O
Schematics, FPGA Image, Bill of Materials

SynqNet Training Program - 2 days in Santa Barbara, California
This program provides an in depth review of SynqNet technology. Subjects discussed include hardware design, FPGA design, interface timing and data structure. The program is organized around a number of example SynqNet device designs. Engineers will leave this training program equipped to develop a SynqNet slave device.

Design Review
  - Prototype integration into network
  - Performance and interoperability testing

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